Who is Dr. Randall?

Here's My Story

Who am I? Why should you be listening to my advice? Why should you be sharing my advice?

Let me make clear that all my advice is designed as informational – and the best and most current advice possible. I seek the TRUTH in all my work. That said, I am not a medical doctor, but a dedicated researcher, advocate, and author. I have no agenda other than to help the world find true healing (and not simply symptom management or self-medication).

I cut my teeth in the wellness space, starting more than two decades ago. I saw back then that the food pyramid and food recommendations were completely wrong. I was one of the earliest people trying to convince people of the evils of refined sugars – long before we knew just how truly toxic and addictive this drug is for people. I witnessed the ruining of our food system with the spread of overly processed and industrial foods.

I was content to stay in the wellness space and share my knowledge there until I accidentally started a healing journey. Well, perhaps it was not an accident at all, but the urging from God to repair myself after many, many years of neglect from several traumas.

That healing journey, which took about a decade to complete… well, not complete, as a healing journey is not complete until we die. But, once you heal from your past trauma, your healing journey is more one of maintenance and tweaking – all the hard work has been done.

I suffered from a few childhood traumas that I swept under the rug for decades. That was what we did in my family. We rose above it; we became stronger because of it; and we never discussed it. Probably typical of a lot of other families too. I thought of myself as resilient because I did appear to rise above the wounds from those traumas. Such naiveté.

I did excel professionally, earning my doctorate degree by my early 30s. I was a full professor with tenure (the highest level) by my early 40s. I started a small website that turned into a successful internet business through my sheer determination before I sold it in my 50s. Don’t mistake this; I am not boasting here. I was only this successful because my trauma was propelling me to succeed. I was a workaholic so that I did not need to face the demons lurking in my head.

On the personal side, I struggled unknowingly. I got married in my mid-20s and had two children before I turned 30. Almost from the point of the marriage, I sought something I could not get from my then-wife. I took so many chances, so many liberties, always seeking this concept of love and never finding it. There were also a few new traumas for me related to my kids. I started drinking – with students at times – to drown out the sh*t that was lurking within me. I couldn’t figure out why I was not happy.

In my early 50s, after reaching rock bottom personally, I did what many thought was crazy. I gave up my cushy professor job, bought 40 acres of raw, forested land thousands of miles from where I was living, and dedicated myself to healing the woodland, which had been ignored and was overgrown. I spent about seven years there – and by the time I was done, the forest was completely healed… and I was deeply into my own healing.

If I am being honest, the wellness piece was the first part of my healing journey – getting the right nutrition for me and getting my health in order.

But it was working in the forest, becoming in tune with nature… working long days in pure silence (except for bird calls) where my deep healing began. I had no previous experience being a forest manager, but as a kid, one of my career thoughts was about being a forest ranger – so I had that love of nature already. Nature is truly a powerful healing aid – and looking back, I am truly in awe with the level of healing I worked throughout in those woods.

It was also during that time that I began a spiritual healing journey as well. I had been sexually assaulted by an Episcopal priest decades earlier – also never discussed – and that led to me questioning God. But God created nature, and in those years in the forest, He showed me such beauty, such compassion, such life lessons.

I also learned forgiveness during this time. First for myself and all the crap I had done, and then for the people who had caused me harm. That forgiveness led to self-love – maybe for the first time since childhood. It is truly transformative when you can feel pure love for yourself.

That self-love then allowed me to understand love for the first time in my life – and that’s when God brought my current partner and wife into my life… when I was finally ready to love and be loved. Jenny and I have our own little community of two -- and she has been the best and most important person in my life.

The final piece of healing for me was through the use of psychedelic plant medicines, mostly psilocybin. These journeys opened my eyes to new perspectives and transformation.

I became whole for the first time in my life that I can remember. My life became one of love, joy, adventure, fun, and balance.

So… here I am today, a convert to the power of healing. It is now my God-given mission in life – for the rest of my life – to help you, to help others, find true healing.

All my work in health and healing is fact-based. I look at everything – starting with the history of things, where we got advice right and wrong – through the present… always seeking the TRUTH.

The truth is that we can ALL find healing. We can heal those wounds we carry from past trauma – and that’s my goal.

I have no other agenda. Yes, I have two books on healing, but my goal is not to become a best-selling author… if you’re interested in my books, here are the details:

I want to be a spark that encourages people to look inside themselves, to take that heroic and scary first step toward healing on that healing journey.

We have all the tools to heal, but the trauma blocks our ability to heal ourselves until we find the keys – what I call the six healing modalities:

There you have it. I simply want everyone to live their best lives – and the only way that is accomplished is through a healing journey.

Please join me and many others in this holistic HEALING REVOLUTION!